About Us

  • In “Chicmicro” we develop software for business needs and provide services to scale up the enterprise of today as we stationed our ourself as the bridge between business and society.

    We deploy active practical and collaborative learning. Its a mentor to leadership system community.

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Our Focus

  • Provide Smart Learning Evironment.
  • Create Virtual Academy to learn at your pace.
  • Build best Skillset platform for workplace readiness.
  • Connecting Industry Expert with Learner globally.
  • To help people on a path of flexible learning i.e. Learn from anywhere and any time.

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Our Programes and Courses

  • FREE Tech Skill Development
  • PAID Tech Job Ready Training
  • Certificate Courses
  • Virtual Learning
  • Diplomal Courses
  • Degree Courses
  • Post Graduate and Research
  • Business Development

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Chicmicro Technologies E-Learning includes:

  • Online Learning
  • Virtual Academy
  • Expert Exam and Certification
  • Connecting Industry Expert
  • Customized Expert Materials
  • Research

Contact Us:

  • Email: solutions@chicmicro.com
  • chicmicro@gmail.com
  • 4283 Express Lane Suite 6537-292 Sarasota, FL, US 34249.
  • +1 941-538-6941
  • +234-80783-98386
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